14+ Ways To Save For You Dream Vacation PLUS MORE!


Do you know how you are going to afford your Dream Honeymoon with wedding planning? Do You want to take a Family Vacation outside of your hot spot like Disney, but just can’t afford a Beaches Resort for the kids? Do you have Bucket List Destinations you want to go, but just do not know how to put all the funds together, then you are in the right spot! Here are 14+ Ways to Save Money for your Dream Vacation!

With my 14+ Ways to Save Money and 6 Necessary Steps to Creating a Plan for your Dream Vacation one could seriously save thousands of dollars.  I am providing you multiple ways of saving money and approximate amounts you can save based on a year in advance. This will absolutely help in paying for the Dream Vacation you’ve been wanting to take. Plus there is a 6 Step Plan to Make this a reality. As many people go on vacation and take their honeymoon during the summer this is the perfect time to present you with this information.

#1Plan ahead
See how much you can save for your next trip even if it isn’t in the summer. You will be surprised.. First and foremost, there is no question that you must plan ahead to save money. You need to know where your dream destination is. How long will you be traveling for? What is the approximate amount it will cost? When you find out how much it will cost you can see how much you need to save. IT CAN BE DONE!
How can YOU save money?

Let’s cover DIY (Do It Yourself) first. There are multiple options.
#2 – DIY Your Food and Beverage

2a. Factor in those fancy creations from your local coffee shop. Eliminate just one large latte ($4), one lunch out ($10), and one restaurant dinner ($15) each week, and you’ll save approximately $1500 in one year—That could be a significant increase in your travel allowance! Savings is $1500 yearly.

2b. Do you get daily coffee from your local coffee shop before you head off to work each morning? Your budget takes a daily hit. Let’s just eliminate your daily coffee every morning you buy before work. Let’s say a large  coffee is $2.50 each day. You work 5 days a week. for 50 weeks. You have 2 weeks off for vacation and other personal reasons. Daily Coffee Savings is $625 yearly

Instead make your own coffee. Bring a bag lunch to work. Make your own dinner, do not go out to eat so often. Look at how much you would be saving. This is just food and beverage.

#3 – DIY Interests

3a. The Car Wash. For both men and women don’t you want your car, SUV, or truck looking nice and clean? Do you have to go to the car wash and spend $10-$25 depending on what you want to get cleaned, or is it something you could do at home. Everyone lives in different areas of  the United States and the weather plays a role in when or how often you get your car washed. So as we look at the whole United States, let’s just say we spend $20 a month to get our car washed. A total of $240, but let’s just round that up to $250 to make it easy. Savings is $250 yearly.

3b. Regular Manicures and Pedicures I know women enjoy getting their nails done. You want to have the prettiest nails especially with the warm temperatures and wearing nice sandals, but instead of spending that money to get your nails professionally done, you can buy nail polish and do it at home.
To get a regular manicure and pedicure each month it cost approximately $30. That would be a total of $360 for a full year, but of course you do not go to your nail salon to get just a “regular” manicure & pedicure, you have to go for those French manicures and pedicures too. Let’s round it up to $400 spent yearly to have your nails professionally done. Savings is $400 yearly

If you want to save some money splurge every other month and get your nails done. This would be $180 saved. Yes you might want to spend a little extra money and get a French manicure as well. Let’s make the savings an even $200. Savings is $200 yearly.

I have 14+ Ways to Pay for your Dream Honeymoon, Vacation or Bucket List Trip. You have only seen 3 ways and the amounts you can save. Are you interested in seeing more? Do you want my 6 Step Creating a Plan for your Dream Getaway to become a Reality?

Click here and you will be AMAZED at how much you can save. I Guarantee it!

If you are ready to take that next step in Planning your Dream Vacation, then Let’s Get Acquainted!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist

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