Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Travel Protection


To All My Active Travelers!

I am here to touch upon a subject that I have been told I have been a bit pushy about. That is buying Travel Insurance or my preferred term is Travel Protection. I use the term Travel Protection because you are protecting your investment spent for your vacation. After these past hurricanes that we have just had, Florence, Michael, and who cannot forget Hurricane Maria from last year,  Travel Protection I feel this is an important topic to touch upon now.

The Question is:
“Why should you buy Travel Protection?”

Here are My Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Travel Protection.

1. Trip Cancellation and Interruption

These past Hurricanes we had are weather related. If you were planning on traveling during these past hurricanes, would you? Well airports would be shut down, how could you travel be it leaving or arriving back home? Trip Interuption could be weather related as well. Perhaps you need a connecting flight, but due to weather conditions the flight cannot arrive on time. You have to wait a day until you can catch your next flight. You have lost 1 full day of your vacation. One day you paid for to be in Tahiti for your 10 year anniversary. Would you like to be reimbursed?

What about if you or a family member get sick or injured prior to your trip. Will you want to take care of that family member or maybe they were joining you on that trip to Italy, but cannot make it now due to sickness or injury. You are going to Italy, a 2 week vacation to Italy. You have spent a pretty penny for this once in a life time trip. Do you want to lose partial or all that money you invested in because you need to cancel.

There are numerous reasons why a trip would need to be cancelled or how a trip can be interupted. These were just a couple of examples.

2.   Baggage (Lost, stolen or damaged baggage)

So let’s say due to that delayed connecting flight your luggage got lost when heading to Tahiti. Yes you would be upset and maybe the luggage would be found, but you know that you will get reimbursed for that lost, stolen or damaged baggage. What if this were to happen without Travel Protection bought? oh well.

3.  Medical (for health issues that occur outside of your normal coverage area)

Say you’re doing some hiking in Costa Rica and you slip and fall and break your legs. You will need to get to a hospital. You need medical coverage to take care of the surgery you are going to need. Since you are going to be missing part of your vacation due to spending time in the hospital you are missing part of your vacation. Just because you have health insurance at home does not mean that it will cover you on your trip. Would you like to have your medical expenses covered? I think so.

My Sum Up of the Importance of Buying Travel Protection

Think about it, you have invested money on taking your romantic getaway, vacation, or perhaps it is a destination wedding you are going to. As recommended by Black Cats Travel you should start planning your vacation at least 6-8 months in advance. Being that you would book your vacation so far in advance many things can happen between when you book and when you travel. Do you want to lose partial or all that money you paid for your trip? Do you want a stress free trip? Of course you do, but buying that travel protection can help you knowing  that “if”…. It is like a “safety net.” You bought it now you have no need to worry about the investment you spent on your vacation.

There are multiple travel protection plans available. If you have any questions click here and Contact Me. If you are ready on planning your next Getaway click here and Let’s Get Acquainted!

Have a great day!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist

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