Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Vacations

We have entered the unoffical beginning of Summer with Memorial Day. Are you planning a summer vacation? There are many reasons why vacations are important to take. Here are My Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Take Vacations.

1. It reduces stress. For me, it is a way of getting away from every day life. As an adult everyone has their own ” work schedule,” they follow each day. You do not always want to go to work, but you would love to take vacations, wouldn’t you?

Even when I have gone for training as a travel agent, I am removed from my everyday life. Yes, these were long days of training, but I was able to meet new travel agents have great conversations and it wasn’t my everyday schedule. As a travel agent we go on FAM (familiarization) Trips to get accainted with a new destination or do site inspections of resorts requiring a great day of excerise touring each resort, but yet it is not my every day schedule and I am meeting new travel agents and making new connections.

2. It is Good for your Health

Take that 3-4 day vacation (long weekend),  put yourself in a new enviornment. You can even go to the same place every year, that isn’t uncommon. It’s just nice to get away. You are rejuvenating your body. If you are able to take longer vacations even better. Get some relaxation, down time for you.

3. You will be Happier

Yes you may feel disappointed that the vacation has ended, but you will come back home feeling happy that you have been able to take a break from every day life.

4. Making Memories

Taking that vacation will create great memories (especially working with a travel professional) for you as an adult and for your children and grandchildren. You’ll be able to take pictures and share stories and reminisce. You will get to experience new things that you wouldn’t have if you were home. Black Cats Travel is about “Collecting Memories, Not Things.” These memories will last a lifetime.

5. New Experiences and Educational

As a child I went on vacations every summer, a different place each year. Some of the places I went to were Williamsburg and Kings Dominion in Virgina. As a child Disney World is quite a “magical” place to visit. I’ve seen all the historical places in Boston. At the same time that is what I was studying in school. I’ve been to  the Amish country in Pennsyvania where people live off the land without any modern convinences. I also went to Prince Edward Island, where I was able to see the home of Anne of Green Gables. These are just a few examples of pleaces I have visited that a child can have fun and learn at the same time.

These are my 5 Top Reasons why everyone needs to take vacations. Do you need to take a Vacation?  Let’s Get Acquainted! and start planning!

Have a great day!

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist


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