Why I Love Jamaica

I have made two trips to Jamaica. One in 2014 and one in June of 2016. What makes Jamaica so special? My answer THE PEOPLE. Is the first thing that pops into my head. People are very friendly and kind. They are very welcoming to the tourists unlike the tristate. (NY, NJ, CT).  I know… Continue reading Why I Love Jamaica

Why Use a Travel Agent?

  Benefits of Using a Travel Agent As a Travel Agent, or I refer to myself as a Travel Consultant I know the importance of relationships. That’s why I take great pride in providing you with real guidance from day one, and nothing but the best service. I want to share with you the Top 9… Continue reading Why Use a Travel Agent?

Why You Should Take Vacations

There are many reasons why vacations are important to take. 1. It reduces stress. For me, it is a way of getting away from every day life. As an adult everyone has their own ” work schedule,” they follow each day. Even when I have gone for training as a travel agent, I am removed from… Continue reading Why You Should Take Vacations