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Hi I am Laura Gibson, a Musician, Social Worker, and a Travel Agent specializing in Customized Vacations and Tours for Active Couples, Families, and Groups.

How did I become a travel agent? Well after graduating from college and getting a degree in Social Work I began working with inner city children  and children with disabilities. I was working very long hours between 2 jobs. Unfortunately, I lost one of my jobs due to medical reasons and had a very difficult time finding another job. During this time I was taking yearly trips with friends and doing the majority of the research for these trips. because I wanted to go and see and do everything possible. After a few years of planning these trips I finally listened to friends and family say you would be a good Travel Agent. My trip from Anaheim to Hollywood was the clincher. This was a 7 day trip jammed packed with almost everything possible you can see and do.

After this trip, I went back to school and earned my Travel and Tourism Specialist Diploma by taking the TAP (Travel Agency Proficiency) Exam. As a Travel Agent your education does not end there. I continue to take courses to learn and keep up to date on the different ways of Touring, Destinations, and Resorts. “Travel Trends,” as the travel industry continues to evolve.

I began my career in Romance Travel selling honeymoons to multiple destinations and I am filled with knowledge on honeymoons and pricing, but I have decided to take these honeymoon destinations for active travelers I love and specialize in Customized Vacations and Tours not just for newlyweds, but families, and groups that allow you to See More and Do More on your vacation. The Destinations and Tours represent what Black Cats Travel is all about, vacations that include experiencing culture, history, adventure, sightseeing, and relaxation too. “See More, Do More Traveling.”

Now you know how I became a travel agent and have learned a little about me. Now learn about my Services and my past clients’ experience working with me in my Client Reviews.

It’s only fair to share…

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What People Are Saying:

“Laura was VERY helpful in creating a honeymoon that was perfect for us. With all of the wedding planning going on this year we would not have been able to organize all of the transportation, hotels, and tours for this trip without her. Many aspects of our trip were pre-planned, and we would not have known how to set everything up on our own. Laura helped set up accommodations within our price-range and our comfort level. For example, having someone set up to pick us up from the airport in Venice and bring us to our hotel by water taxi made getting there so much easier. We were also comfortable knowing that we would be staying in nice hotels and dealing with trustworthy companies, without having to do a lot of research on each individual aspect.We would definitely recommend using Laura to other couples. The time and stress having a travel agent saved us made our honeymoon so much better than it could have been. Having an itinerary and pre-paid vouchers is so much better than figuring it all out as you go along.”

"Top Tips on How to Benefit by Traveling with Friends or a Group"