Black Cats Travel COVID-19 Update on Travel Services

I wanted to update you on Black Cats Travel plans are as we all work through COVID-19. After seeing the response from where travelers are feeling most comfortable to travel, I have decided to narrow down my destinations.

As you may or may not know all destinations have different guidelines, different dates when tourists can return, resorts have their own policies and so do the airlines. As a travel advisor we can provide you with all the information on destination, airlines, resorts, cruiselines, tours, etc. However each week I receive updates on all of these. It is ever changing.

As of today, I have decided that Black Cats Travel will focus on United States destinations and escorted tours. Examples: The National Parks and Music Cities Tour. My main destination outside of the United States I will focus on is Jamaica. I LOVE Jamaica and have been there 3x and seen over 30 resorts.

The resort I will focus on is Hotel Xcaret Mexico. I have been there and seen multiple parks, taken a tour of Tulum and swam with the dolphins. I have first hand experience and can help you arrange your trip before you go, as I have made very good connections. Some parks and tours have certain days they go and you need to reserve them ahead of time, including some dinner shows.

If you are interested in escorted tours in other countries I would be willing to help you, but I will as of right now, not be putting together Customized Tours to multiple cities or countries. Something I love to do, but as you know there are so many unknowns for each country, airline, rail, hotel, etc.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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Laura Gibson
All-Inclusive Travel & Tour Specialist

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