What About Those Online Travel Reviews?

There are multiple reasons why using a Travel Agent can be beneficial to your planning of your next vacation. I am going to only touch on one of them. This is regarding Online Travel Reviews. How can consulting with a Travel Agent help you plan your next trip? The answer [...]

Adventure Seeking Costa Rica

If you are an active adventure traveler that doesn't enjoy lounging by the pool all day, perhaps Costa Rica may be the place that best suits you on your next vacation. Do you want to experience something new like volcano hiking, rock climbing, zip lining or kayaking? If an adventurous [...]

Comparing a River Cruise vs. Ocean Cruise

When it comes to taking a cruise on river or ocean, it's pretty tough to go wrong. Both offer incredible views, luxurious amenities, and the opportunity to explore interesting ports, but each one comes with its own unique perks, and depending on your specific needs for your next trip, you [...]

Top 5 Vacation Planning Tips

No matter where you're headed, everyone wants to have a memorable trip and one that is stress free, and relaxing. It is a vacation after all! To help ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible, it important you plan according. When planning your next vacation keep these 5 VACATION [...]

It’s All About the Upgrade!

How do you take a good vacation and make it great?  It’s all about the upgrade!  Adding a few special touches can make all the difference in your travel experience, and it’s often those details that become the most memorable. Here are some of my favorite ways to enhance your next getaway: [...]

Love is in the Air!

  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! The best way to celebrate your love is by creating memories together on vacation. From relaxing beaches and swim-up bars to exciting European adventures, and every other destination in between, Black Cats Travel can help you mak​​e the most of your romantic getaway! If you’re interested [...]

Top 5 Ways to Tour the World

I am so excited to be able to share this new Free information for you on my website. Top 5 Ways to Tour the World! If you are interested in touring mutliple destinations be it a certain country, or countries, or islands learn about THE TOP 5 WAYS TO TOUR THE [...]

Why Now is the Time to Visit Europe in 2018!

Travel Trends: Why  Visit Europe in 2018! After a few slower years, European travel is back and better than ever.  Why is now such a great time to plan a visit? More for Your Money – The US dollar is much stronger abroad than a few years ago.  Better exchange [...]