What Tour Type are YOU?


As a Tour Specialist there are multiple types of Tours you can take. I think when someone says  I’m going to Italy, most people think they are going on an Escorted Tour. There are more options than just an escorted tour.

The different Types of Tours are Escorted Tours, Guided/Hosted Tours, Independent Tours, Customized Tours, River Cruise or Small Ship Cruise, and finally Land/Sea Cruise.

An Escorted Tour is one that is led by a tour director on a motor-coach. This is a land only tour. It will include at minimum 2 cities to visit. One will stay 2-3 nights in 1 city before moving onto the next city. It includes accommodations, transportation, transfers to the airport and hotel and some meals are included as well as sightseeing in each city. There are also preset dates for these tours, just like a cruise . These tours are usually fast paced tours with little time to see the sites on your own.

Guided/Hosted Tour- is not led by a tour director. Travellers are greeted by a local host or representative instead. This Host will take travellers to some sightseeing activities. They are available to answer questions during the tour. Some meals, accommodations, and sightseeing are included in the tour. This is a type of tour where you can have some freedom but also have the comfort of a tour guide/ host to help you.

An Independent Tour is where a host will great you each city being visited. They too are available to help and make suggestions on sightseeing or even restaurants and more. Some meals and sightseeing are typically included, but it is more independent time for you to explore the different cities being travelled to. It is perfect for those independent travellers who just want to go at their own pace.

Customized Tour is what I enjoy putting together. They are for the independent traveller who wants to make their own itinerary and not follow an Escorted, Guided/Hosted Tour or even an Independent Tour. These types of tours have set dates and itineraries. With a Customized Tour you may be greeted with a local host or tour guide who will lead you to your hotel. They can help  in making suggestions on sightseeing and restaurants and more. Any Customized Tour can include Land and Sea. It is personalized for you.

Customized Tours is what I enjoy doing. I will use a tour package with an itinerary. I will make adjustments so the traveller can stay an extra day in Paris if they wish as an example before moving on to Nice, France. They are not confined to an itinerary. It is a personalized tour just for those travelling.

You also have River Cruise or Small Ship Cruise. These cruises will go to places that other larger cruise ships cannot. Some examples are The Rhine and the Danube Rivers in Europe. The Galapagos Islands, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Mediterranean. These smaller ships can dock at smaller more intimate ports. With these type of Tours there can be offered “Extensions.” Meaning the Cruise can continue to land portions of the destination Pre-Post Extensions around the Cruise.

Then there is the Land and Cruise Tour. This is where you have a possible tour previously listed accompanied with a cruise. Some examples of destinations you might find this type of Land and Cruise  Tour is in Alaska, and Greece. In Alaska you have Denali National Park, Fairbanks (land) and Glacier Bay National Park and the Inside Passage to sail. With Greece you have Athens, Olympia and Delphi and the Aegean Sea to cruise. This is a way for travellers to see more in certain destinations.

All suppliers have different types of tours. As your tour specialist I will help in finding the best tour possible that meets your destination(s), interests, and desires. Contact Me and let me know what “Tour Type” you are.

Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist

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