Dominican Republic Travel, Facts vs. Emotion

You ALL must know about the travel concerns to the Dominican Republic, recent deaths, and illnesses at resorts. The media has played a major role in letting everyone know.  I do not know if you have any travel plans for the summer, fall, or later to visit the Dominican Republic, but as a travel advisor, I want to provide you with information before you decide to cancel your trip or chose to move your trip to a different resort in another country.

Currently the Domincan Republic is only at a Level 2 advisory “Excercise Increased Caution” The rationale: Crime for travelers interested in visiting, is nothing different than visiting London.
Here is the link so you can keep up to date on the travel advisories and alerts in the Dominican Republic.

Currently neither the US Embassy nor the Dominican Ministry of Public Health acknowledge these recent deaths have a connection.

These deaths are currently not all due to what is to believed alcohol (minibars) at these resorts, but some by pre-existing medical conditions travelers had. It has been said some deaths appear to be related to cardiac issues, heart attacks, respiratory failures, and food poisoning. Toxicology resports have not come back yet on those 3 possible deaths caused by alcohol induced at certain resorts and it is still not clear if these deaths are all a coincidence.

In reference to 2018  tourist incidents, the Dominican Ministry says fell to 1.4 per 100,000 tourists from 1.6 the previous year. 99 percent of the American tourists said they would return to the Dominican Republic for future vacations.

The Dominican Republic’s economy is driven by tourism, employing more than 300,000 people and drawing a reported 6.6 million international travelers in 2018. They would like to aim for 10 million tourists, approximately the size of the current population by 2020, generating estimated revenues of US $7.2 billion.

Tourism in the Domincan Republic is so important to their economy. Currently the rates for resorts and prices for flights have dropped. Online searches to the Dominican Republic has dropped drastically.

Travel advisors are busy at work for their clients who had trips planned to the Dominican Republic.The American Society of Travel Advisors revealed that two-thirds of its members had canceled trips within one week. They are busy finding resorts in a different country to relcate for their vacation and even Destination Weddings.

These past 10 deaths begining in April to now,  from 5 different resorts, is it a coincidence or something more?

Do not base your decision on Emotion, but FACTS. After that, then you are welcome to decide to go to the Dominican Republic for your vacation, cancel your trip or move it to another country if you are able.

PS. Remember the Zika Virus. The Zika Virus has been around for 60 years, but it has only recently been learned a few years back that these mosquitos would affect a pregrant woman’s baby. The media made it out to be a big issue and travelers stopped going south to these tropical destinations.  The US public and tourism quickly bounced back for tropical destinations in Florida, Caribbean, Central and South America.

I hope you have found this helpful and have made you think about your travel plans.

Safe Travels,

Laura Gibson
All-Inclusive Travel & Tour Specialist

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