Fly to Xcaret!

Fly to Xcaret!

Location: Hotel Xcaret Mexico (1 hour south of Cancun Airport) in the Rivera Maya Mexico

August 17-27 are the Departure Dates. Stay as long as you would like.

Book Now to June 1, 2019.

NOTE: Due to Lowest room prices which ended February 4th, NO ENTRY level rooms are available for June. Fly to Xcaret is considering August 2019.

Approximate pricing per person/per night
$260 per person per night

*Pricing is subject to change.

Do you have a Possible group of 5 rooms, let me save you money. 

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Hotel Xcaret Mexico is an All FUN Inclusive Experience unlike any other All inclusive resort. Great for active, adventurous travelers. Couples and Families. This resort meets all of what Black Cats Stands for. Active, adventurous travelers who are interested in experiencing, culture, history, fun activities, sightseeing, and of course relaxation. Travelers who are interested in not spending all their time at a resort, but “See More and Do More” at the choice of destination. Like all inclusive resorts you have acommodations, food, drinks all included.

HOWEVER with Hotel Xcaret Mexico you have free round trip transportation from the airport directly to the resort, transportation to all 9 parks and tours including UNLIMITED entrance into the parks and tours.EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED, HOW CAN YOU BEAT THAT?

Underground River
Underground River
One of the Infinity Pools at Hotel Xcaret Mexico
One of the Infinity Pools at Hotel Xcaret Mexico

What an experience I just had and I want this to become an annual event every year.

GROUPS = SAVE MONEY! Do those travel dates not work for you? Get a group together 5 rooms booked and 10 traveler and I will get you that promo code. Recommendation is book your trip for the longest length of time you think you may stay, if that changes, no problem you can shorten your stay if need be. Just make that reservation and BAM talk ablout flexibility. I love it! Flights can be added on at a later date. Please contact me for more on payment plans. After I have my minimum rooms and travelers booked, I will add the promo code on to your booking.

NOTE Hotel Xcaret Mexico has 900 rooms, HOWEVER it only has 145 Adult Only rooms, so if you want to stay in the Adults only section I recommend you book your hotel stay NOW!

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