If You Could Pick Where to Go….

I spend a lot of my time thinking about travel. Over the last few months, my thoughts have been hopeful and full of dreams for future trips. In fact, one of my favorite questions to ask is, “where in the world would you go?”

Hearing the responses is so fun: Cancun, Costa Rica, Alaska, Hawaii, Ireland, Australia… the list of places sparking our wanderlust goes on and on. Those of us who love the experience of travel often have a list like this in our heads all the time, and it’s only gotten longer as we’ve had more time to dream about destinations over the last few months.
But what I find even more interesting than asking “where” is asking “why.” Why do you want to go to…
“My fiance and I have both visited Ireland, but not together. We want to go again to show one another our favorite spots.”
“I’ve always wanted to go hiking through the rainforest and hear the birds calling to one another in the canopy. Costa Rica would be a dream come true.”
“I’ve always wanted to see the Pacific Ocean. I figure it’s time to make it happen, and Hawaii would be the best possible way to do it!
Even if we can’t make it happen right this moment, I’d love to hear your where AND your why. Because when it comes to travel dreams, I want to help you make them a reality.
Maybe we have to wait a little longer to check these places off our bucket lists, but when we do, it will be more than worth the wait!

Let’s Get Acquainted!

Stay Safe and Healthy!

Laura Gibson
All-Inclusive Travel & Tour Specialist

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