My Dominican Republic Trip Nov. 10-14th, 2019

Oh boy what a trip to the Dominican Republic I had. November 10-14th, 2019. I stayed at 3 resorts in 4 nights. This is a first for me. Sleeping out of a suitcase for the first 2 nights. It’s called, did I remember everything? Nope.

Of course I remembered the most important item, my passport, but one item I forgot on my 1st night is the new charger for my iphone. Well I did bring my old charger for my phone, and I survived.

I did have a great time with the travel agents and visiting all the resorts, great workout, trying all the foods, etc. but a headache I had began on Monday and ended on Thursday when I departed. It’s called MY SUITCASE. That good old zipper broke. Then fixed, then broke in transportation between resorts, in the end I had the suitcase wrapped.

2nd Mile Mission

The 2nd Mile Mission, is not a resort visited put a school/orphanage we visited. Did you know you have to pay for public school? I was told $100 per semester. This experience made me look at life and what I am so lucky to have. I brought down donations and then I bought Christmas presents, knowing all my money I spent was going to the 2nd Mile Mission. The children in the orphanage were friendly yelling out their windows Hello!

The Resorts

Now let’s get to the resort experience I had. I know you want to learn more about that. I stayed at 3 different resorts. The first was a family friendly resort, and the next 2 were adults only resorts with the same Brand Name. What you must know is the same Brand Resort, does not mean you will have the same experience. I found that the food quality improved as we began from 1 resort to the next and finally the last resort we stayed at. I cannot respond on the quality of accomodations because as the 1st arrival to the resort, I believe I know I had a 2 floor Family Suite, but other agents did not. I however did not check out their rooms, but they were all surprised.

As I was visiting AMResorts. A collection of 7 brands and currently 66 resorts, that also include Spain, I was able to compare resorts  visited in Jamaica even if I did not stay at the resort. Examples of the resorts and how they may differ are:
–  the property location
– the landscape of the property
– Location of where everything is at the resort
– the size of the resort
– the room service quality of food as well as the resorts
– the number of restaurants
– the quality of wines & spirits and what they offer. . The quality of the beach,
– the size of the spa

Are these items of importance to you? Well AMResorts has 66 resorts. Some are for adults only, family friendly, wellness, and range in price. 4-5 star properties.

Let’s Sum It Up!

If you are not aware of the numerous all-inclusive resorts that are in Mexico, Caribbean, Costa Rica, and 1 in Panama by AMResorts, their are zillions. All unique in their own way. How can you choose which resort is for you?

This is why I go on these FAM (familiarization) trips. If you do not know I have stayed and/or visited 30+ resorts in Jamaica, but if I had a choice for a specific brand or resort, I’d send my potential client to the Dominican Republic if it is what they are looking for. What is of most importance to the client.

You are welcome to do research on the best all-inclusive resort for you, or reach out to a travel advisor, like myself who can speed up the process of finding the resort that fits your interests, wants, and desires. First hand experience is the most important and what I can bring back and share with my future clients.

On my personal Facebook page, I wrote …. “hearing vs. seeing poverty is totally different, just like resorts.” I was referring to my experience at the 2nd Mile Mission and the poverty these children and mothers live with.

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I hope that you have found this interesting and you are welcome to contact me if you plan on any future all-inclusive resort vacation. Click Let’s Get Acquainted!

Best regards,

Laura Gibson
All-Inclusive Travel & Tour Specialist



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