School Isn’t the Only Place for Learning

School is back in session.The kids are back to school continuing to learn about various subjects. Reading Math, Science, Social Studies, and perhaps taking a Second Language, etc, but that isn’t where learning ends for the kids.

Learning isn’t just in the classroom nor is it over when you’re an adult (as we all learned the hard way). I’m always setting forth to learn something new. Whether it’s how to better operate my business or to delve into a new destination, there’s always something going on in the hustle and bustle of the travel industry.

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For those who aren’t in the travel business, I’m confident you learn something in your own professions or while participating in your personal hobbies. Many people don’t realize that the world can be your classroom! Different countries can provide insight on subjects that you couldn’t learn in a textbook.
Geography & History 
Animal Science 

The most obvious of subjects in travel is geography and history. Where on the globe you’re heading is always important so you can understand your bearings. The basis of how the country and people have developed is showcased in interactions with destination locals. You can learn something from every conversation and from every place you visit.Seeing wildlife outside of your hometown can be exciting. People love to swim with pigs in Aruba, let parrots sit on their shoulders in the Caribbean, and ride camels in Egypt. Alaska is a destination where the wildlife is abundant. Moose, eagles, bears, whales, and wolves can be seen via binoculars while you’re trekking during excursions. You can learn so much about the creatures we share this planet with when you see them firsthand in the wild.

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Home Economics 
Physical Education 
Letting locals show you their ways and culture while you’re traveling can make for a very enriching experience. Take a cooking class, sample flavors, or let a local give you a tour on your next trip. Not only will you gain some new ideas to take home, but you’ll also gain an appreciation for all that you have back home.

Travel can be about wellness, too. We can design your vacation to include yoga retreats, hiking for all experience levels, water sports, and many more physical activities. Plus, all major vacations include a great workout of carrying your luggage throughout the airport!

Travel doesn’t have to focus completely around learning – there’s always time for play, just like the time we enjoyed at lunch and recess. There’s space in your itinerary for pool and beach time, spa sessions, visits to famous restaurants, relaxing nature walks, and so much more.

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