Stay Positive, We’ll be Traveling Soon!

 I know that this is a rough time right now for Everyone, but we must Stay Positive. Keep Believing. It soon will come to an end.

I just read my previous Monthly E-Newsletter for March, sent on March 9th. I couldn’t believe what I was saying. How things have changed so quickly in just 2 weeks.

I know that some of you have booked trips in 2020 and had concerns of cancelling. Should I, should I not? Should I postpone? Now we have a travel ban. Currently no one is going anywhere. We wonder when will this end.

I am thinking about all of you. Everyone is being affected in different ways, be it working from home, not have a job, the kids are at home, applying for unemployment. How am I going to pay for XYZ? Or you may be someone in the medical field who are testing or helping those who may have the coronavirus. We are told to stay home. College classes are online. Public schools are teaching from home using Google Classroom, Zoom, and more. We are self isolated. There is no mall or movie theater to visit, Sports are none existent LIVE today.

This is my response to the New Normal.


If you do not know I LOVE JAMAICA! A 3x visitor. I don’t know what your plans were for this year, but here are some thoughts and inspiration. Whatever that destination is that you want to go visit.

Learn about the language and how to say a few words or sentences. Learn about the transportation systems and how they work. Get in the kitchen and learn how to make some traditional dishes from the area. This would be fun for the rest of the family too as they will be able to try out some new foods. Don’t forget music time- learn to sing a song in your new countries language and get your exercise by learning the dance moves that go along with that new song.

Here is Bob Marley’s video of “Don’t Worry be Happy.”

I LOVE Jamaica! I Love Reggae! Is Jamaica a place you would like to visit?

Stay well and healthy.

Laura Gibson
All-Inclusive Travel & Tour Specialist


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