Traveling Together

It’s ​​no secret that I love sending my clients on trips. I get excited about the destinations they are going to see and the experiences they are going to have. But there’s another reason that I am so passionate about travel and it’s because I know the power of a good vacation.

With Valentine’s Day this month, I wanted to share the ways a vacation can strengthen relationships, especially for couples traveling together.

Spending Quality Time Together

Many couples find that life at home is full of stress. And when we are stressed and our schedules are overloaded with things to do, we miss out on spending true, quality time with our partner. Setting aside all the to-dos, vacationing allows couples a chance to talk, laugh, and find joy in one another’s company.
Being Our Best Selves
We let the stress fall away; we Not only do we have a chance to reconnect with one another on vacation, we reconnect with our best selves. sleep in and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day. We choose the activities, food, and schedule that allows us to find our own path to happiness. Vacationing gives us the chance to be our well-rested, care-free, best selves for each other.
Building Stronger Bonds
Travel also helps us strengthen bonds by making new memories, ones that we may find ourselves retelling for years to come. Whether it’s ordering a crazy dish at a restaurant, being picked as a volunteer from the audience, or wiping out during a surfing lesson, memories of good times together help us to overcome challenges together when we return home.

If you and your partner want to add a bit more “quality” to your quality time, then it’s time to get a vacation on the books! I’m here to help you find the right destination, advise you on current policies, and help you feel confident in your safety as you travel. And I can’t wait to help.

Laura Gibson
All-Inclusive Travel & Tour Specialist

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