Why I Love Jamaica


I have made two trips to Jamaica. One in 2014 and one in June of 2016. What makes Jamaica so special? My answer THE PEOPLE. Is the first thing that pops into my head.

  1. People are very friendly and kind. They are very welcoming to the tourists unlike the tristate. (NY, NJ, CT).  I know some people who do not like to go to destinations where there is a language barrier. There is no language barrier here in  Jamaica. Jamaican’s speak English. Ya Mon. 🙂
  2. Resorts – There are so many resorts, all-inclusive and European Plan resorts. Large resorts and Boutique, budget friendly and Luxurious. You can find them everywhere, especially along the north shore. Montego Bay, Negril, and Ocho Rios. These are the major destinations to find an array of resorts. You can even find resorts/hotels inland such as Kingston, the capital of Jamaica.
  3. Beautiful Beaches- surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the turquoise blue waters. If you enjoy relaxing on the beach Negril and the Seven Mile Beach would be for you. Enjoy that romantic walk along the shoreline.
  4. If you are more active sightseers, Ocho Rios would be the place for you. You can Swim with the Dolphins at the Dolphin Cove. There is historical Dunn River’s Falls where you can actually climb the falls, and Mystic Mountain Rainforest Adventures which is new. You can be a Jamaican Bobsledder as I did or go ziplining, enjoy the waterslide, nature trails and more!
  5. Shopping and Dining. If you want to shop, the Jamaicans are not pushy wanting you to buy things, but you can get some great deals because they will bargain with you. Also it is Duty Free. You should really try out their cuisine. There is a great array of dishes you can try. I came home loving jerk chicken. I went grocery shopping just for that when I returned home in 2014.
  6. Bob Marley, if you are a Bob Marley fan and enjoy Reggae music you need to make a trip to Kingston to see the Bob Marley Museum.

Ya Mon, I hope you can see why Jamaica is a great place to visit for a family vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding, or couples getaway. Please do not ignore what Jamaica can offer to you. If Jamaica interests you as a possible vacation destination Let’s Get Acquainted!


Laura Gibson
Destination & Tour Specialist

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